Help Human Trafficking Victims This Holiday

Thank You for Believing in Freedom

As you may know, human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise and takes place all over the world, even right here in the United States. CAST needs your support to help survivors find safety and recover their lives.

CAST Helps Victims Find Safety

Over 30 million people today live in modern slavery.  We estimate that thousands of victims across Los Angeles are enslaved and need our help. CAST’s Emergency Response team regularly springs into action to help survivors at their critical time of escape.  We provide food, shelter, and most of all, a sense of safety and hope for the future.

CAST Works for Systemic Change

In order to end modern slavery, sweeping changes must be made in this country’s laws and policies. CAST’s direct work with survivors of human trafficking results in meaningful advocacy that changes lives.  This year, CAST successfully co-sponsored SB 477: Foreign Labor Contractors. This ground-breaking law protects people who have been tricked by foreign labor recruiters into thinking they would have a good job in the United States, but instead find themselves enslaved.

CAST is a Leader in the Anti-Slavery Movement

Will you help CAST end modern slavery? This year, the White House honored CAST with the Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. CAST has also been recognized by the United Nations, L.A. County’s District Attorney’s Office, and the City of Los Angeles. So, you can feel confident that your gift will go to the very best programs available for human trafficking survivors.

Your Gift Brings Freedom and Justice

I hope you will consider a special holiday gift to help survivors of human trafficking. Calls for CAST’s Emergency Response team have increased more than 150% from just 2 years ago.  Thousands of people in Los Angeles are still enslaved and in serious need of our help. By supporting CAST, you are making the difference between slavery and freedom.



"No one reaches out to survivors with greater passion and greater personal commitment than CAST does."  Secretary of State John Kerry