This bill is a crucial step in reducing the demand for slave made products by providing a tool for consumers, including businesses, to better know how products are made.  By providing a mechanism for concerned consumers to be able to compare company efforts on forced labor and human trafficking in their “supply chains”, people can make more informed decisions to spend their hard-earned dollars with the more responsible company.

SB 657 would provide this information by requiring large manufacturers and retailers with $100 million or more in annual gross receipts in California to post to what extent they make certain basic efforts on forced labor and human trafficking.  The questions asked are simple.  They include whether or not a company has their suppliers self-certify compliance with state and federal laws regarding slavery.  Do they encourage employees and management to be trained on slavery and trafficking?  Do they conduct unannounced audits of suppliers?

These very simple questions will provide transparency as to the company’s practices so that consumers can decide for themselves with whom they want to do business.   This practice will also benefit companies that are struggling to do the right thing while competing against companies that are unfairly and illegally using slave labor.

SB 657 is good for:

Victims of forced labor and human trafficking; Consumers wanting to make informed decisions, Investors wanting to make responsible decisions and Responsible businesses.

Help us stop the demand for slave made goods and eradicate modern day slavery at its source.

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