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January 29, 2010. The Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking is pleased to announce that the California State Senate has passed SB 657, which seeks the elimination of slavery and trafficking from product supply chains.

Sponsored by Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, and co-sponsored by CAST and the Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking, SB 657 acknowledges that California consumers and businesses have the opportunity to halt the import and sale of goods tainted by slave labor.

The bill calls for retailers and manufactures to "develop, maintain, and implement a policy setting forth its efforts to comply with state and federal law regarding the eradication of slavery and human trafficking from its supply chain." The bill further stipulates that this policy must be posted on companies' websites. Click here for a fact sheet about the bill.

SB 657 passed the senate floor with bipartisan support, 24-13, with two abstentions. The bill will now be introduced and debated in the California State Assembly.

With the world's tenth largest economy, California is a global importer and exporter of goods. SB 657 will enable consumers, retailers, and manufacturers alike to hamstring human trafficking and stop slavery, in California and around the world.