What We Do


CAST is committed to strengthening its partnerships with leading anti-trafficking organizations and coalitions around the country, as well as forging new relationships with local service providers to meet the increase in demand for social and legal services in Los Angeles County.

In 1999, CAST established the Los Angeles Slavery and Trafficking Task Force, the first anti-trafficking task force in the U.S. The group eventually grew into the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Task Force on Human Trafficking in 2005. CAST’s leadership on the Metro Taskforce has since expanded to a countywide multi-agency partnership spearheaded by CAST and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD). The Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force (LARHTTF) provides trauma-informed care to trafficking victims and investigates high-priority trafficking crimes. Its 90+ partner agencies have been actively collaborating on emerging cases, developing protocols for advancing task force objectives and implementing best practices in addressing the pervasiveness of human trafficking in Los Angeles County.

Community outreach is the most effective way to find victims and educate people on the issue of human trafficking. CAST provides vital training to law enforcement, service providers, government agencies, health care partners, law firms, corporations, faith-based organizations and community groups. It is the go-to resource for media, policymakers and the philanthropic community to access information about modern slavery.

CAST provides training to people all over the world and works with international trafficking organizations in order to identify ways that we can coordinate our efforts to put an end to human trafficking.

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