National Survivor Network


In February 2011, CAST launched the National Survivor Network (NSN), in an effort to foster connections between survivors of diverse forms of human trafficking, in order to build an anti trafficking movement where survivors are at the forefront and recognized as leaders.  Members of the network include survivors from  over 20 states (AZ, CA, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY, MD, MN, MO, NC, NV, NY, OH, OR, TN, TX, VA and WA) and over 16 countries. The Network’s diverse membership makes it the only network that is representative of the various different situations and dynamics that survivors of human trafficking experience. By connecting survivors across the country, the National Survivor Network supports and encourages survivors to realize their own leadership qualities and to value their insight not just as survivors but as experts in the field.  


To bring together a community of survivors of human trafficking, by creating a platform for survivor led advocacy, peer to peer mentorship, and empowerment, that embraces all survivors, regardless of gender, age, nationality or type of trafficking experience.

About the issue:

  • According to the United Nations, human trafficking is the process by which a person is recruited to be controlled and held captive for the purpose of exploitation.
  • Traffickers threaten to or use force, coercion, abduction, fraud, or deception to bring their victims under their control, in addition to abusing their power or the vulnerable social or economic status of their victims. The resulting exploitation is essentially a modern-day form of slavery as human trafficking victims are subjected to sexual exploitation or forced labor, or sometimes both.
  • It is estimated that between 12.3- 27 million people are enslaved around the world today
  • There are anywhere between 600,000 and 800,000 victims trafficked through international borders every year, which does not include the millions trafficked domestically within their own countries.
  • It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the 21st century – a thirty two billion dollar industry.
  • Trafficking ranks second, after drug smuggling and tying with arms dealing, in organized crime activities.
  • According to CIA estimates, as many as 15,000 to 17,500 men, women and children are trafficked into The United States every year.
  • It is estimated that approximately 100,000 Children in the .United States are exploited in pornography or prostitution


If you are a survivor of human trafficking and would like more information about how to join the National Survivor Network, Please contact Ima Matul, CAST Survivor Organizer:

If you are looking to invite a member of the National Survivor Network Speakers Bureau, to speak at an upcoming event or conference, please contact Vanessa Lanza, CAST Director of Partnerships: Please note that every individual on the NSN speakers bureau charge a speakers fee or honorarium, which will vary by person.  Travel and accommodations for speakers should be covered by the event organizer.

NSN Speakers Bureau:

Several members of the National Survivor Network regularly speak on the issue of human trafficking, offer training and technical consult to a variety of audiences and agencies.  Below is a list of speakers and their websites. You may also contact Vanessa Lanza, CAST Director of Partnerships to inquire about speakers:

Angela Guanzon:
Anna Malika:
Carissa Phelps
Evelyn Chumbow:
Florencia Molina:
Holly Austin Smith
Ima Matul
Kanthi Salgadu
Margaret Howard
Minh Dang:
Rani Hong:
Rebecca Saffer Bender:
Sarai Theolinda S. Mazariegos
Shamere MacKenzie
Stacey Jewel Lewis:

Survivor Resources: 


  • Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking - CAST 24 hr hotline 1 (888) 539-2373
  • National HT Resource Center 1 (888) 373-7888
  • - a national network of service providers across the country that specialize in providing holistic and client centered services.
  • Rape Abuse and Incest National Network -  1 (800) 656-HOPE (4673)
    Find your local rape crisis center:

Washington DC

San Francisco

  • - on-call number for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (510) 290-6450

New York