NCIS: Los Angeles


CAST and NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS on March 20 (9/8c)

On March 20th, CBS aired an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles about human trafficking and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) is written directly into the script! Dan Lauria, a veteran actor who played the dad on The Wonder Years, played a volunteer interpreter at CAST, and the entire cast of the show did an incredible job of portraying the victims.

We hope that through this exposure, we can raise awareness of human trafficking and how important CAST’s role is in providing critical services to trafficking survivors. Donate to CAST today!

If you missed the original airing of the episode, “The Dragon and the Fairy,” you can still view it online.

Save the Date: 14th Annual From Slavery to Freedom Gala 2012

Continue to support CAST LA’s anti-trafficking efforts and save the date for our 14th Annual From Slavery to Freedom Gala, which will be held May 17, 2012 at the Skirball Cultural Center. Join us in celebrating freedom and seeing just what it means to those we have helped free!

Sponsorships and tickets to the Gala are still available

View photos from last year's gala, which was co-chaired by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

What you can do

STEP 1: Find your senator by your address

STEP 2: Send them an email, using the sample email below, urging them to support SB1193.

Dear Senator [name of Senator],

I ask that you support two bills that strive to grant more rights and protections to victims of human trafficking in California.

Domestic workers are the bedrock of our state’s workforce.  However, without the essential protections provided in AB889, these workers become particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuses.  Therefore, a vote in support for AB889 is a step forward in equality and shared economic prosperity.

There are thousands of unidentified human trafficking victims living and working in California.  These victims are subjected to forced labor and prostitution through physical force, fraud and coercion.  They represent some of the most vulnerable members of our society.  The Human Trafficking Hotline Bill (SB 1193) will help to draw attention to these atrocities and can provide thousands of victims a viable means of seeking help. 

Please support these two bills. 


[your name]


Human trafficking into domestic work is a significant problem in California!

  • A full 30% of CASTs clients were trafficked into domestic work as nannies or housekeepers, representing the most common type of labor for which our clients have been trafficked!
  • Domestic workers do not have the basic employment rights that other workers enjoy. This lack of protections allows modern-day slavery and domestic servitude to flourish!
  • Because domestic workers are employed in private homes, their abuse is often invisible to the public, law enforcement, and others who could intervene. 
  • Many domestic workers live in the house where they work. They are especially isolated from the public and incredibly vulnerable to abuse.  Many of CASTs clients report not being allowed to leave the house. 

AB889, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights can help prevent modern-day slavery by shining a light into the unregulated, secluded environment of domestic work!

  • Meal and Rest Breaks: This bill provides domestic workers with the same meal and rest breaks guaranteed to other California workers.  Many of CASTs clients report being allowed no breaks at all!
  • Worker’s Compensation: This bill makes workers compensation accessible to more domestic workers.   Domestic worker trafficking victims tell us their employers would force them to continue working even when they became ill and asked to see a doctor. 
  • Uninterrupted Sleep: This bill provides workers who live in the employer’s home or work 24-hour shifts the right to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep.  Currently, domestic servants are forced to work around the clock, often reporting being allowed only 3 hours of sleep for years at a time.
  • Overtime and Reporting Time Pay:  Many victims of domestic servitude tell us they are not paid at all.  Those that are paid, are often paid late and far less than they are owed.  This bill extends to all domestic workers the same rights to pay that other California workers enjoy.  

Thousands of victims of human trafficking in California don’t know where to turn to for help! The Human Trafficking Hotline Bill (SB1193) can help save victims of human trafficking in California!

SB1193 requires businesses and establishments where trafficking victims are likely to be found to post a notice near its public entrance or at another location where other similar notices are posted that includes:

  • A statement about forced labor and trafficking
  • Two toll-free hotline numbers to call for help
  • Information about the hotlines and services

The notice must be in English, Spanish, and any other language for which translation is required in the county for purposes of the federal Voting Rights Act.