First CAST student chapter launch at Occidental College (abolve)

Other CAST campus chapters are starting up around LA. The Oxy students were creative, knowledgeable, energetic and an inspiration about the power of students to affect change in their community .

The photos are from the anti-trafficking fair they held on their campus November 3rd 2009. The class broke into 4 groups and each group covered a different type of trafficking (garment industry, agriculture, domestic servitude and sex trafficking). They all made poster boards, brochures and had clever games and handouts to educate their peers.


The students were from a semester long course taught by Professor Donna Maeda on trafficking in persons at Occidental college. As part of the social justice aspect of the course they arranged to hold a fair on their campus and raise awareness about this issue with their student body. They also raised $84.16 from other students and lots of canned goods which they donated to our shelter.


All of CAST’s student groups are planning awareness activities on campus for our Jan 11th-Feb 12th 2010 awareness campaign.