Thank you for your active participation in helping to end modern day slavery.  With your help, the California State Assembly just passed Senate Bill 516 to regulate foreign labor recruitment!

The next major step will be for the Governor to sign the bill!  Please let Governor Brown know that you care about ending modern day slavery and that you want foreign labor recruiters to be held accountable for their practices. 

If passed, Senate Bill 516 will be the first legislation of its kind in the United States.  Because California is at the forefront of the anti-human trafficking movement, the passage of this bill could lead toward national legislation targeting fraudulent foreign labor recruiters.

Take Action Today!

Contact Governor Jerry Brown asking him to sign Senate Bill 516. The bill should be on Governor Brown’s desk on Thursday.  He has up to 12 days to sign it, so please contact him TODAY! 

Click here to email Governor Brown:
Or, call this number: (916) 445-2841

Sample Script

"My name is ______ ______ and I live in ____________, CA.   I'm contacting you to ask you to sign SB 516: Foreign Labor Contactors. I don’t want modern-day slavery to exist in California. I believe that workers entering the U.S. should know the terms of their work conditions and should not be charged fees to work in the United States. I also believe that foreign labor recruiters should have to register with the labor commission so that workers and employers in California know who is a legitimate provider. Thank you."