BEYONCÉ donates $500,000 to fund chime for change projects

3 June 2014, New York City – CHIME FOR CHANGE co-founders Frida Giannini and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter reunited this evening at the Gucci Fifth Avenue flagship store, together with co-host T Magazine Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Sound of Change Live.

This evening, Beyoncé committed to donate $500,000 to fund CHIME FOR CHANGE projects for girls and women in the areas of Education, Health and Justice as follows:

  • EDUCATION: $125,000 to support 100 school girls at Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) schools in Kenya for one year.
  • HEALTH: $125,000 to provide 320 Embrace infant warmers to 100 rural health facilities in 11 Millennium Village sites across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and Ethiopia). The Embrace infant warmers will help more than 1,900 at-risk newborns survive and thrive.
  • JUSTICE: $125,000 to provide 600 Sisters in Strength Youth Leaders and Alumni in New York City with the critical educational and mentoring support, job training, counseling services, and resources they need to successfully navigate and graduate from high school and college through Girls for Gender Equity.
  • JUSTICE: $125,000 to provide 25 human trafficking survivors in Los Angeles with counseling, medical care, legal services, and individual recovery treatment to rebuild their lives through the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST).

CHIME FOR CHANGE serves to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world. Because of funds raised through CHIME FOR CHANGE since it launched in February 2013, tens of thousands of girls and women have received support and tools to empower themselves and their communities, including:


  • 988 women attended human rights, peace-building and leadership workshops in Afghanistan
  • 14,135 pregnant women in Liberia received prenatal care
  • 77 low-income parents in Los Angeles learned how to support their children’s education
  • 658 adolescent girls in Nigeria received mentorship, leadership training and life skills
  • 297 women in South Sudan received training to become teachers
  • 12,915 vaccines to prevent neonatal tetanus have been distributed in Cambodia


Through an innovative partnership with, the crowdfunding platform for girls' and women’s equality, CHIME FOR CHANGE is able to demonstrate impact in a transparent way. connects the CHIME FOR CHANGE community to hundreds of projects supporting girls and women around the world, and allows individuals to choose exactly where their donations go and to track the results of their contributions through 90-day and one-year impact reports.

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Press Release Provided by CHIME FOR CHANGE, Founded by Gucci.